Connecting Dreams and Reality

Achieving Dreams Through Entrepreneurial Success

We are a boutique business consultancy helping people start, grow and optimise businesses through business strategy development, market assessment, grant applications and productivity IT solutions.






Financial planning & Business Proposal Development

We help you overcome your business challenges through number crunching: business modelling, managing cash flow, budgeting, and financial analysis. Our key focus to provide you with a profit generating framework that takes into account the real needs of the business – not just a cookie cutter high revenue, high cost solution. Bottom line is our methodology find your desired profit margin through pricing strategy and financial analysis, while planning for long-term growth. We also help our clients to develop their business proposal for their grant applications.

Market research, prototyping & product testing

Through qualitative and quantitative research, business trouble shooting, prototyping and testing, we take your idea into the real world to find its strengths, weaknesses, viability and areas for development. We work with you to make your idea, product or service a profit-generating reality.

Productivity & IT optimisation

We work within your budget and time constraints to find, recommend, and build IT solutions that save you time, hassle and money. From software and hardware, we provide customized and off the shelve solutions designed with cost effectiveness and performance in mind. We find the best approach to maximise workflow with the technology that’s available. Whether it’s an IT optimisation plan, native applications, setting up solutions, training or repair.

Business start-up packages:

If you are in the ideation stage, we have a start-up package that helps you build, test, and deploy your business idea in less than 6 months using our bespoke “buddy-system” framework from $3000. Achieving your dream has never been so accessible,



We sit with you in a friendly session to find out your business goals, your challenges, and most importantly, your dreams and vision. With a keen ear, we create a road map of where you want to go. Using our team of experts, we give you with a tailored solution, whether you want to start, grow or optimise your business.

Through a process of reverse engineering, we help you reach your goals by making your vision aligned with your activities. What does it take to achieve your dream and goals? We believe it can be measured and strategised, and we can help you get there.

Everyone has a dream, and for entrepreneurs, that dream is in the form of business success. Our passion is helping small businesses reach success and make their dreams become reality. We support and launch your business ideas through well-thought and customised frameworks and strategies.